A shop for real men?

After 9 years of having echtemannen.nl i was invited at Sasja’s house for an interview. After the interview Sasja sugested to start he shop for real men together with Tom and me. And here we are. A shop for and by men. Filled with the most beautifull products you can imagine.
Or even wish for.

The love for beautiful products.

Tom, Sasja and Bas are three different characters. But they do share 2 distinctive interests. First of all the love for luxurious products. Second of all the all have a passion for cigars. Sasja is the largest importer of high quality cigars and Tom
Even has his own cigar brand (La Sagrada Familia). And Bas……well he smokes them.

What we are good at.

You don’t distinguish yourself from others by being cheap. We only have  the best brands in our shop And 100% satisfaction is what settle for. Nothing less. The best service and quality is the standard we aim for. Just like it used to

Pay with ideal

Only A-brands

Orderd before 14:00, sent the same day (workdays)

Shipment from our warehouse

The real men


Sasja, small of statue but with a huge heart an definitely great in deeds. He is the 3rd generation in the company and has a clear 20/20 vision about where he wants to take the company to. A cigarlover to the bone and a huge fan of Porsche.

Tom Mulder


Tom is the largest of the bunch. If a problem occurs (and they do) he is often the guy with the solution. Also a sucker for a cigar. As long as it is a good one.


Bas is the “noob” of the bunch. Owner of echtemannen.nl since 2011 and is now getting a crash course in “setting up shop” In contrast to the other two a real fitguy. From weightlifting to running
he loves it. O and uhm……he loves cigars.

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